About Us

About Us

We are not a law firm that tries to do everything.  We are a business law firm with experience across thousands of transactions.  Fulcrum Legal has an intensity, years of experience, and agility that may fit your needs.

We know technology and how to leverage that knowledge in delivery of legal services.



We concentrate on commercial transactions, particularly IP and technology transactions. We draft and negotiate agreements, and we help clients get deals done.

We have handled complex technology licensing deals; one-off or portfolio-wide IP licensing deals; and many types of  complex and routine business transactions.

We are not a full service law firm. We focus on business transactions.


Do you want a seasoned attorney with years of experience in IP and technology transactions? By retaining us, you secure more than 25 years’ experience representing companies in commercial transactions.  That experience spans a large law firm and then 7+ years in-house in a corporate legal department.  In some areas, we have done thousands of transactions.


Many IP or technology transactions need to move briskly.  Prospective clients and current clients get fast answers regarding potential conflicts, and we can begin work rapidly. Where appropriate, we may propose fixed fee or other value-based pricing. There is no cumbersome process required to approve such engagements.